• February 02, 2015
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Our China sourcing platform enables to create tailored sourcing options to meet customers' specific requirements.
Through a growing network of over 10,000 suppliers in China,COL strives to find quality-conscious, sustainable, cost-competitive manufacturers to match the production needs of its customers worldwide.

China sourcing is not an easy job for people from other countries because of the different culture and special policies in China. That's why people should have a reliable Chinese sourcing company as their procurement partner based in China.

Sourcing products from China should save you great money and huge time, if they have found and cooperated with one right China sourcing agent, which should exactly know products, completely understand China and have very good international communication ability together with rich trading experience.


2. How does it work?
(1) Find the goods by yourself
First, You can use Google free online translation service from Chinese to your language: Google Language Tools , or click here to visit the English-translated Taobao, Eachnet, Paipai, etc. , then you can choose the right product online.
Second, use our Personal Shopper service, just tell us the URL that you want to buy, and then we do the rest.
(2) We find the goods for you
You just need to tell us what you want to buy, the product specification detail and target price, we will do the rest.
(3) We shop for you
After you submit your request, one of our Sourcing experts completes the purchase. We will contact the seller, pay them RMB and ask them ship the goods to us (You or supplier pay the domestic shipping cost), and we check the goods, if it is ok, then pay them; if it isn't ok, we will ask for refund or replacement.
(4) The goods arrive and ship to your door
Once the merchandise arrives at our distribution center, it will appear in your Inbox and be available for shipment to you as usual package.

* Free repackaging to minimize dim weight
* Free consolidation of multiple-store orders
* Free Pre-shipment Screening for wrong, broken or prohibited items
* Free Customs Documentation
* Hand-delivery via premium DHL, Fedex or UPS courier express, we will choose the suitable one for you!

Our China sourcing platform enables to create tailored sourcing options to meet customers' specific requirements

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