How it work

How It Works

You can see our service process well.

1.Check Prices Online

Hundreds of logistics lines are stationed on the platform and quoted online. The route plans provided are all the advantages of each special line, long-term stability. All the quotations include detailed costs, so the prices are competitive in the market.

2.Online Booking

After placing an order, we can complete the order review in 5 minutes, quickly confirm the products and order information then arranging the shipping space to ensure the products loading on time.

3.Pick Up Services

We have a professional cargo canvassing team to quickly collect the goods at your doorstep throughout the city to quickly solve the problem of goods warehouse entry, and reduce the tedious problems of customers calling for a car and contacting the driver.

4. Warehouse Services

After the goods enter the warehouse, we measure the goods to confirm the cost according to the unified standard of the platform ,that the measurement results are fair and transparent. If you need to take photos, storage, labeling, quality inspection, repacking, etc., you can contact our customer service.


We measure the goods after they enter the warehouse and then charge for them. Make sure our prices are real and affordable.

6.Ship Cargo

After the customer confirms the measurement results and expenses, we will quickly arrange the loading of goods to to catch the shipping schedule.

7.Cargo Tracking

The platform provides a digital way to track the whole cargo transportation, which is as convenient as domestic express delivery, and the location and status of the cargo will be updated in real time.


We offer a destination country dispatch service for delivery to a specified location.
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