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A large container ship was attacked and caught on fire! Has called at many ports in China
November 2023, 27

According to reports from the Associated Press, Reuters, The Times of Israel and other media on the 25th, in the early morning of November 24th local time, a container ship named "CMA CGM SYMI" with a capacity of 14,812TEU was attacked by a suspected Iranian drone in the Arabian Sea. The cargo ship was damaged by the man-machine attack, but no casualties were caused.

The Jerusalem Post stated that the Al-Mayadeen TV station affiliated with the Lebanese Hezbollah was the first to break the news of the attack on the Israeli cargo ship "CMA CGM Symi" (the ship is owned by EPS Shipowner controlled by CMA CGM Leasing, a wealthy Israeli company). The attack After the incident, a fire broke out on the ship.

U.S. Defense Department officials said the cargo ship was suspected of being attacked by a triangular-shaped, bomb-carrying Witness-136 drone manufactured in Iran. The drone exploded, causing damage to the cargo ship but causing no casualties to the crew.

According to the public information of the ship, the container ship "CMA CGM SYMI" (recently renamed Mayet) was built in 2022, IMO: 9867639, DWT159614, with a maximum container capacity of 14812TEU, and flies the Maltese flag. It is operated by France's CMA CGM, but the ship's ownership and management company (shipowner) is EPS (Eastern Pacific Shipping headquartered in Singapore), which is merged into the North British P&I Club.

Singapore-based Eastern Pacific Lines (EPS) revealed that it is aware that its container ship "CMA CGM SYMI" chartered by CMA CGM may have suffered a safety incident on Friday. However, the company later insisted in a statement to Reuters that the ship was currently sailing as planned and that all crew members were safe.

It is worth mentioning that the actual controller of Eastern Pacific Shipping Company (EPS) is Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer, and his ships have suffered similar attacks before. Iranian and Israeli officials did not immediately comment on the incident.

This ship is serving the CMA CGM Mediterranean Club Express (MEX) route and is carrying out voyage 0MEG4E1MA. It has called domestic ports such as Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Nansha, and Shekou, and involved shipping companies such as ANL, CMA CGM, CNC, COSCO SHIPPING, EVERGREEN, and OOCL to share cabins.

According to ship tracking data, the container ship "CMA CGM SYMI" shut down its AIS due to safety concerns shortly after leaving Dubai's Jebel Ali Port on November 21, local time. It was unclear whether the company would make a planned stop at Oman's Sohar port.

Private intelligence firm Ambre told the Associated Press: "Since the ship is affiliated with Eastern Pacific Shipping Lines, the attack was likely targeted." "The ship's AIS transmission was shut down days before the incident. , which shows that this alone would not have prevented the attack."

After the new round of Palestinian-Israeli conflict escalated, Israeli ships became the target of attacks by some anti-Israel forces. On the 19th of this month, the Houthi armed forces in Yemen issued a statement claiming that they had intercepted an "Israeli ship" in the southern waters of the Red Sea. However, Israel stated that this was a ship owned by a British company and operated by a Japanese company, and there were no Israeli citizens on board.

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