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"Alibaba Logistics" debuts at the Digital Trade Fair - Expected to serve more than 40 million buyers
November 2023, 27

On November 23, the second Global Digital Trade Expo opened. Mr. Raymond Zhong, the general manager of Shenzhen Cooperate Logistics Co., Ltd., participated in the launching ceremony. At this digital trade fair, Alibaba International Station officially launched "Alibaba.com Logistics", launching e-commerce logistics services to help global buyers transport and purchase easily.

(First from left: Mr. Raymond Zhong, General Manager of Shenzhen Cooperate Logistics Co., Ltd.)

It is reported that Alibaba.com Logistics, a subsidiary of Alibaba International Station, has launched a new logistics market for global buyers and is currently recruiting logistics service providers across the country. The "Alibaba.com Logistics" will unite high-quality logistics suppliers across the country to provide cross-border buyers with a one-stop professional cross-border logistics service market with "intelligent selection, visualization, and guarantee". Currently, it has launched shipping lines in 43 countries, covering more than 60% of Alibaba's international buyers.

It is understood that in cross-border trade, the responsible party for cross-border logistics will be different according to different trade terms. For example, the often mentioned "ex-factory" EXW, "free on board" FOB, etc. are arranged by the buyer. The freight forwarder picks up the goods. Therefore, in addition to purchasing goods on cross-border e-commerce platforms, global buyers also have increasing demand for logistics. The demand for direct "one-stop" cross-border logistics on Alibaba International Station is rising rapidly.

“After entering the buyer logistics market, five days after releasing the product, we received silent orders from American buyers. Alibaba International Station also provides digital and intelligent logistics services such as data analysis, automated operations, and logistics track tracking to help us develop the Global market." Raymond Zhong, general manager of Shenzhen Cooperate Logistics Co., Ltd., said that he hopes to create a new global track through this new logistics service model.

With the construction of the "Alibaba.com Logistics" on Alibaba International Station, cross-border buyers can easily search and book customized logistics services from certified logistics service providers, helping cross-border buyers to "buy" easily. It is expected to serve more than 40 million global buyers.

The article comes from ifeng.com Financial Reporting Network

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