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How to transport by air and sea?
February 2023, 03
  • Sea export operation process:


1. The client shall provide:

(1) Container type (2) Container quantity (3) Port of destination (4) Time of shipment (5) Name of goods

2. After the customer accepts the shipping price

If the customer wants to entrust the packing, the freight forwarder will ask the owner for the packing method.

(1) Packing at factory site (shipper provides factory address)

(2) Warehouse packing (the freight company shall provide the shipper with the warehouse address)

3. The freight company asks the shipper for customs declaration documents.

Booking space

The freight company will provide the cargo information to the shipping company and confirm the price and book the shipping space with the shipping company. The shipping company shall inform the name, date and bill of lading number of the vessel after booking the space.

Make container

1. Make container in the factory

The shipping company will make containers according to the factory address provided by the shipper after picking up the container.

2. Make containers in the warehouse

The freight company informs the warehouse of the ship's name and bill of lading number. Go to the shipping company's container yard to pick up containers with the letter of introduction, and make containers after delivery by the owner.

Customs clearance and loading

Customs declaration after container collection. The shipping company loaded the container onto the ship.


The shipping company unloaded the container onto the dock.

Advise to take delivery

The shipping company informs the shipper to take delivery of the goods.

Customs clearance

The shipper clears the customs.

Change the bill

The shipper replaced the sea waybill with the bill of lading.

Take delivery

The shipper picks up the goods with the bill of lading.

  • Air transport operation process:

1. Entrusted goods: After the consignor and the freight forwarder confirm the transportation price and service conditions, the consignor shall fill in the letter of authorization of the goods, which shall indicate the information of the consignor, the information of the consignee, the destination, the scheduled flight date and the airline company, the name of the goods, the number of pieces, the weight, the volume and the freight rate.

2. Prepare necessary documents: (1) Customs declaration (2) Verification (3) Customs Declaration Power of attorney (4) Invoice E. Packing list (5) Voucher/electronic transfer information (6) License Certificate

3. Booking space: According to the consignor's letter of authorization, the documenter shall immediately book space with the airline or agent and inform the customer of the scheduled flight time.

4. Receiving the goods: take the goods in the manner agreed by both parties to ensure timely and accurate warehousing of the goods.

5. Weigh and print out documents: the goods are sent to the cargo station for safety inspection, and the cargo size is measured to calculate the volume weight. After that, the cargo station will write the actual weight and volume weight of the whole cargo into the "receivables", stamp the "security seal", "receivables" and sign for confirmation. The freight forwarder inserts all the cargo data into the airline waybill according to the "acceptance letter" from the cargo terminal.

6. Waybill: After the cargo is loaded, the general air waybill shall be issued by the Civil Aviation of China, and the air waybill shall be issued by the foreign shipping company. The air waybill shall have three originals and twelve copies. The first copy shall be given to the consignor, the second to be retained by the shipping company, and the third to be given to the consignee along with the goods. Twelve copies for customs declaration, financial settlement, foreign agents, transfer and allocation purposes.

7. Customs declaration: Customers can choose their own customs broker, or entrust a freight forwarder to carry out customs declaration. However, in any case, all customs declaration materials prepared by the shipper, as well as the "letter of acceptance and shipment" of the cargo station and the original waybill of the airline company should be submitted to the customs broker in time, so as to facilitate timely customs declaration, early customs clearance and transportation of the goods.

8. Shipping notice: After the goods are installed, shipping notice can be sent to the buyer, so that the other side can prepare payment, redemption note and receive the goods. 

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