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One of the main import declarations
February 2023, 02
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Entry Notification of Summary, the English abbreviation of "Manifest Declaration", refers to the European Customs advance manifest rule. Since this rule is applicable to 27 EU member states and the UK, it is also called the EU Customs Advance manifest rule or the EU anti-terrorism manifest declaration. Norway and Switzerland do not belong to the EU, but both countries have adopted similar ICS (Import Control System) system. Turkey does not belong to the EU now, but plans to declare similar manifest in advance. Therefore, ENS still needs to be sent to Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.


Automated Manifest System, 24 hours manifest system/United States anti-terrorism manifest system, according to the provisions of the United States Customs, that is, all goods to the United States or through the United States transfer to the third country goods must be declared to the United States Customs 24 hours before loading. The forwarder closest to the direct exporter is required to send AMS information. AMS is also known as the 24 hour Manifest Forecast, also known as the United States Customs Anti-Terrorism Manifest. AMS information is directly sent to the US Customs database using the system designated by US Customs. The US Customs system automatically checks and replies, and the ship can only be boarded after the reply is confirmed. Otherwise, the goods will not be on board.


The Importer Security Filing refers to the United States importer's security declaration and the additional requirements of the shipping company. It is also known as 10+2 filing, divided into ISF10 and ISF5, also known as anti-terrorism filing. Is the requirements of the US Customs on the US importer, requiring the US importer (10 declaration contents) and the shipping company (2 declaration contents). This is a declaration added by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) after 9/11 to enhance the security of the United States. The purpose of this declaration is to build on AMS to improve the identification of high-risk cargo and prevent smuggling. Preventing the smuggling of weapons of mass destruction into the United States and securing cargo.


Advance Commercial Information is a pre-declaration business information system. All cargo bound for Canada or transiting through Canada to a third country must be reported to the carrier 48 hours before the vessel sails, and the carrier must declare the cargo to Canadian Customs 24 hours before shipment through the ACI system. Like the AMS declaration system of the US customs, it is mainly aimed at preventing terrorists from using ships to launch attacks on ports, so ACI and AMS are also commonly known as anti-terrorism manifest, but ACI refers specifically to the anti-terrorism manifest of the Canadian Customs.

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