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Introduce purchase process for you
February 2023, 02

Hello friend,

Today i will introduce our purchase service for you,as buying agent,we need how many step to complete an order,and you need provide which information to us.

First way,if you want purchase from 1688/taobao,but you cannot pay directly to factory,so you need us help you.This time,you can send us clearly link of the goods and then tell us total quality,price...we can check if right or not,then after we confirm with supplier,we can make an order,after you paid the money,we can start buy from supplier and ship to your country/forward address.

Second,if you just have product picture,and you not find suitable supplier yet.Don’t worry,just send us the product picture,name,quality,target price,we can help you to find suitable supplier,chat about the price and other details,then share to you,if these all are no problem,we can make an order and complete this purchase.

Last,if you just start business,and don’t know purchase which product is good for you to sell.You need us help you,we can help you search hot sell items in other website and let you have a reference,if you have idea,then we can help you chat details with supplier,such as you need logo,customized and so on.

That’s all,thank you for your reading,let us meet next time,what will us share for you,pls look for more to come. 

By Yilia

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February 2023, 02
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