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February 2023, 03

As the saying goes, shopping malls are like battlefields.

Seasoned "soldiers" and "generals" Today I'd like to share with you one of my old frenemies, candy. Speaking of candy, we know each other on a blue "social networking" platform. She sent me the message for the first time. She said that she was in trouble and could not handle the goods at the local customs because she had lost a large amount of money in warehouse leasing.

Of course, i lunged forward to show my grace and said, "sure i can help you", we can handle the customs clearance of your goods, blah blah blah, she trusts our service so much, and I am very happy that we can carry out our first cooperation so smoothly.

It was a good start for us, and it was also the beginning of our never-ending "love to kill" fight. Due to the large number of suppliers with uneven quality and their different styles, it was always difficult for us to tell which were her goods when we harvested them. Moreover, the packaging security of the goods was also very poor. Some packages were damaged before they were delivered, and some were damaged at candy's destination address, which made candy furious. It was necessary to find someone responsible for the damage of her goods. Due to the limited performance of the warehouse, we can't pack the goods perfectly. We can only pray the suppliers, After all, the goods are still fragile. I know from some suppliers that candy is also pursuing their responsibilities, some of them will compensate, while others will give up. Faced with the suppliers who give up, candy can only find us, let us take the responsibility, and ask us to make compensation. And I started saying a bunch of nasty things, threatening things, and that's when I realized how serious this was --------- This client was difficult, very difficult.

Because Candy's goods were few each time and the price was extremely high, there might be a loss if she accidentally incurred any extra expenses. I decided that since she was such a demanding and ingratiating customer, it would be better to avoid the problem (a complaint from a blue software), just carried the duty and make compensation and never cooperate with her again. Although I made compensation, However, I still insist that this is not my responsibility. I made it clear at the very beginning that our warehouse could not do much to guarantee the packaging of the goods. She could only ask the supplier to make the package more firm before shipment. Maybe it is because the customer can retain his face and stand firm. Besides, candy also believes that our company can handle her goods well in the customs.

After all, she suffered a lot of losses due to customs clearance before. She every time will say a lot of insults, even swear words, but, who call us sales, the customer is God, can serve well, as far as possible to serve well, later also in this quarrel cooperation many times, but always feel a kind of everyone has been used to the appearance, that belongs to the quarrel between old acquaintances.

In this way, an amazing and friendly partnership was born. 

By Tony

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