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What are the head and tail services of cross-border logistics?
February 2023, 02

What are the head and tail services?

Head service: Generally speaking, it refers to the use of railway, air, sea and other modes of transportation to transport merchants' goods to the destination country through the mode of collecting goods. Currently, some overseas warehouse service providers include head service, while some overseas warehouses do not include head service, which requires merchants to find by themselves.

This service includes the export declaration of goods and the import clearance of the destination country, and many freight forwarders cooperate with some local customs agents. As long as the seller provides the corresponding information according to the forwarder's requirements, the forwarder will go through customs clearance at the destination after confirmation, which is relatively high efficiency and improves the overall transportation efficiency of the goods.

End service: overseas warehouse receives orders from buyers, and uses overseas local logistics team to transport goods to consumers. Common delivery channels have their own team delivery, local express system and international express.

Own delivery team: this is generally in the relatively large overseas warehouse will be equipped with self-built logistics distribution team, this is the order from warehouse delivery to the end of the process is responsible for their own, transportation will be more secure, no worries, relatively more flexible.

Local express delivery: This is quite common. Most overseas warehouses do not have their own final delivery team, but they cooperate with local express delivery. Assemble and pack in overseas warehouse and deliver to local express for distribution.

International express: such as DHL, UPS and other international express, they can be used not only for the first service, but also for the final delivery. Relatively speaking, the time limit is guaranteed, the cost is a little more expensive. 

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